everyone's mad (lildafpunk) wrote,
everyone's mad

ok so recently ive gotten new friends...

and instead of the "ask me a question about me that you want to know about me" ima reverse it.

tell me something i should know about you or something you'd like to share. it could be from your favorite colour to why you post the things you do in your journal to what you had for dinner last nite. ANYTHING you'd like. and it doesnt just have to be one thing. ill screen incase anyone wants to tell something juicy. cos i like those too. :) more than likely ill reply to your comments which will be unscreened, but no one will be able to see who posted the original.

i think it'll help me learn a little bit more about you and then my comments wont be so... left field. ha.

one more thing.. this is open to new AND old friends. cos theres plenty i dont know about ya'll either.
Tags: friends
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