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Misandrists unite! 2006

Last week I was watching the Dr. Phil show (yes my obsession with the bald headed tyrant and his gorgeous over 50 wife Robin has consumed me YET again) and he had the founder/maintainer of the website www.dontdatehimgirl.com and a man who was suing her because of some slanderous material that was posted anonymously on the website about him.

If only there were a word that meant the opposite of mysoginistic - oh wait, there is : Cock Block.

Not that I'm not supporting the site. If you think you've been wronged and would like the entire world wide web to know, so be it!

What kills me is, these women who claim to be so "powerful" all post anonymously. It's only the dudes that actually get called out. If we're outing people here, ALL parties need to be held responsible. If you dated a married man and didn't find out til months later, it's still your fault because you should've questioned why the man wouldn't give you his home number. Or let you stay at his house. Or take you to any place remotely public where someone he knows might see him. If you dated a man and then found yourself thousands of dollars in debt years later, don't blame him. Blame your dumbass for giving him all that money. Or giving him your pin number. Or for leaving your credit cards around where he could get access to them. Or moving in with him after a few weeks, supporting him because he doesn't work and calling it "love" and "devotion". For instance, on one of these "profiles" a girl (and I quote) says, "I was warned by people about him when I first started dating him but he made me feel special and different so I ignored them." She then went through 2 years of emotional and physical abuse and he cheated on her repeatedly. Even if her intuition was taking a nap, the people around her weren't.

Women aren't stupid, but they sure act like it. I'm with Oprah, if you've got a gut instinct, go with it. If something is constantly nagging at you (see : conscience) and telling you that "somethin' just don' t feel right" go with it (woman's intuition: it's not as fake as some may think). And definitely don't go on a website and let everyone know how truly hurt you were by this dude. Keep your head up and keep on gettin' up. Don't be an emotional, irrational, whiny, pathetic, weak creature and male bash. No matter how many times you tell someone your heartbreaking story, there will always be another (oblivious) girl who thinks she can change him.

Now I cannot (and will not) place all of the blame on these poor, innocent, dense women.

Dudes, don't be such a dick and then we won't have to make websites about you. Yes that's the only thing straight women are fucking now a days, but we mean it literally, NOT figuratively. The guy that was on Dr. Phil who is suing the site owner, was much like the women on the web site. A crying, puking, annoying, whining little baby. He claims that certain things said on the website are untrue or fabricated. He also says that future employers might Google his name and find him on the website and it may harm his chance of landing employment.

Cry me a river.

Like I said before, women are emotional creatures, but we're not stupid. Once a relationship is over, we rehash through all the little insignificant details of that relationship. Most of which are realizations, such as "Damn, he said this so I would do this, He played on my heart strings to get me into bed, He said he was working late but he was really with her, He said this right before this happened and now I know why, He always apologized after he hit me so I wouldn't leave." We receive a certain amount of clarity from the situation. Things that once were muddy are now clear. Now, I'm not saying what this guy says is true or false or what the girl said about him was true or false, but most of the time these realizations are true. Women miscontrue things during a relationship, not after. We make big things out of little things when we're stupid in love, we realize we've been duped when we're scorned.

It's because of the things you do that make women act irrational after a relationship is over (trust me, the time of the month only goes but so far and for so many of us). And if you've wronged someone in a previous relationship and they now choose to post about your infidelity on a website, consider it karma. Really, really shitty karma for what you did. Because as much as you want that ideal job that you've been working your entire life for, all a woman wants is her dignity and a little respect for all that she's been working her entire life for. You don't want to date exclusively? Tell her. You might lose her, or you might find a freak that wants to deal with all that. There are billions of people in this world and SOMEONE will put up with your bullshit.

I suppose my whole point of this is to the women. Use the logical side of your brain as well as your emotional. That's why dudes get ahead. Because they think of the logistics instead of how its making them feel. Call them spineless, heartless and emotionally cut off. But they don't sit around stewing over every detail weeks, months or years after its over. And they certainly don't devote every second of their free time to calling out women on the internet. They get mad and then GET OVER IT. They're nuturing lovers but only when it's timely and convenient (and when they feel like it). If you want to be equal and reap the same benefits, suck it up and grow a thicker skin. Don't just let the fact that you're in love determine every single move you make. You gotta play the game to win, not just to get by. And trust me, as a woman who was once stupid in love (and cheated on and hit several times), even though I too saw the warning signs MULTIPLE times, I know what I'm talking about. They do these things to us because we let them.

I respect the fact that the website has a lot of links for women to educate themselves and to heed the signs instead of overlooking them. They also have links to different women's charities; the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (www.NCADV.org), the Global Fund for Women, and a link to a breast cancer charity and support group. However, while this website is some sort of stretch in the right direction, it's really childish to say that little Bobby hurt your feelings so you're gonna bash him and tell the whole school about how he done you wrong. Because as Dr. Phil says, "The real revenge is living well" (and forgetting about the schmuck). (But even better if you can rub it in his face).
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