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The end depends upon the beginning.

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.

7/19/06 01:07 am

im back from my vacation!! lemme tell you... well, lets just say i was not good, at all. and its a good thing i came back haha. but im back and in action and... looking for a job. haha.

hope everyones ok, thanks for bearing with me. :D

6/28/06 03:59 pm

people are so surprising sometimes... it gives me hope..

you really cant judge books by their covers, or make the first impression your last.


6/25/06 07:29 pm

im so excited about my trip ive already started packing :D

does anyone else have any plans this summer?

and i must apologize, its summer/hot and ive been out alot and i really havent been keeping up with lj as much as i should. thank you friends for sticking in there with me.

much love!

6/15/06 11:53 am

i got canned. it feels so strange to be free.

5/23/06 09:03 pm

and the winner is....coldwriter!!! congratulations... ill be contacting you in a few... and of course, congratulations TAYLOR!!! im so glad he won :D

your final two

the last little bittles...Collapse )

5/20/06 08:15 pm - neighbourhood watch

neighbour #2. lives across the street from me. married, one kid, one on the way. a few nites ago around 10 pm whilst i was out side smoking a cigarette he let his garage door up about half way and had the light on. i could not make out a clear view of exactly what he was doing, but i could see him walking back and forth, back and forth, in and out of the house, coughing repeatedly. this went on for i know a good 10 minutes. and then wifey came home and the garage door was abruptly shut. i wanna know what the hell is going on around here.

neighbour #1 was yet again dressing some sort of mannequin. but i definitely dont think its for wearing, cos there was an awful lot of bright pink. like a matching scarf and sweater set. haha.

exhausted. join my community! mii_opia

5/18/06 10:30 pm

so ive started my new community... its for the icon and colour bar making illiterates and the saavy. i need designers!! esp. those who know how to make layouts. cos thats not necessarily my area of expertise. i also need the amateurs looking to learn or looking for new images. any and all are free to join and take as they please.

5/16/06 09:04 pm

this is almost it!Collapse )

5/10/06 09:35 pm

i went shopping today. and spent wayyyy too much money. shoes clothes sunglasses including but not limited to these items from the gap :

all for like 5 bucks. they're having an incredible sale. run to a gap near you. hah. new icons and headbars and etc. etc. etc. coming soon. have a nice day :)

p.s. also taking more requests. or ideas. or anything.
(and for those of you who commented last time and i still havent presented anything, im working on them.)

5/9/06 10:18 pm

The final 3 will be decided tomorrow!! It feels like we've come so farCollapse )

5/7/06 10:17 am

is it true that we're supposed to boycott gas on july 4th? cos im all for it! i mean, i honestly dont spend that much on gas mostly cos my jobs are 5 minutes away and i dont go anywhere else besides there, but i think if gas wasnt so expensive i probly would go other places. plus itd be nice to see the american people actually do something about the crap thats happening to us. although im not really sure if this would help us or hurt us, considering the gas people would most likely raise the prices to make up for the day(s) they lost. has anyone else heard about this?

5/2/06 12:36 pm

another week under our belts. warning : this WILL contain spoilers.Collapse )

4/25/06 09:07 pm

another week, and one more to goCollapse )
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