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so... im going full speed ahead with the whole Amoure line (i've even come up with what to call it!) I've started putting together surveys and marketing q&a's, patterns and designs that i plan on launching. I am going to post the survey here, i dont know how many people are still out there reading this but if you do happen to stumble upon this entry and have the time, please feel free to fill this out :D.

and without further adieu:

Amoure Questionnaire:

1. What do you like to wear when you go out?

2. What do you feel most comfortable in?

3. What is your favorite color?

4. When you go shopping what calls your attention to a specific item? What makes you want to buy it? And finally, what makes you purchase that item?

5. Do you like sequins? Do you like things that sparkle/glitter?

6. Do you wear gold or silver, or both?

7. Who is your favorite designer?/What is your favorite clothing brand and why?

8. What is your favorite fashion trend?

9. What is one article of clothing in your closet that you could NOT live without?

10. What is one accessory that is a must have?

11. If you had an unlimited budget, what is one item of clothing you would buy?

Choose one:

Floral patterns or sequins?________________________________________________

Polka dots or checkers?___________________________________________________

Black or blue?__________________________________________________________

Messy and complicated or neat and organized?________________________________

Pink or red?____________________________________________________________

Hearts or stars?_________________________________________________________

Pirates or dragons?______________________________________________________

Comfort or style?________________________________________________________

Does it make a difference to you if things are hand made or locally produced? Does it hinder or positively influence your decision to purchase?

How much would you spend on the following:

Grapic Tee____________________________

Graphic Hat___________________________

Graphic Purse or Wallet__________________

Graphic Belt___________________________

Graphic Pants__________________________

Hand painted/decorated or hand made



Purse or Wallet________________________

Belt _________________________________


When purchasing a gift for someone how much do you normally spend?

Questions, Comments, Suggestions:
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